At Harris Bay Resort, in the heart of the Northwestern Ontario wilderness, we offer exceptional archery moose hunts. Our area, Wildlife Management Unit 15A, has the largest concentration of moose in the province of Ontario.

All of our moose hunts are bow only. The hunt takes place in mid to late September, and you are hunting these animals while they are in Rut. This enables you to call these giants in as close as 8 yards. Come and experience the thrill of hunting "up close and personal".

Our archery package includes: moose tags, deluxe housekeeping cottage, maps of area, assistance in retrieval of moose. You're sure to see more than your share of animals - the rest is up to you!

On all of our hunts, references are available upon request.

At Harris Bay Resort, we offer exclusive area, archery and rifle black bear hunts. Each of our exclusive, BMA's (Bear Management Areas) are expansive tracks of land, boasting solid, healthy bear populations. We take pride in ensuring that our bear population remains strong, by not over harvesting.

All of our hunts take place in the fall, from mid August to mid October. You are ensured of pre-baited, active stands, with no other hunters in your immediate area. Each stand has miles between it and the next.

Black bear hunting packages include: Deluxe cottage, pre-baited, active stands, freezer service, retrieval assistance.

Each bear stand area is outfitted with trail cameras so you can see what type and how many bear come to any particular stand. Each hunter is responsible for supplying his/her own bear stand.

References available on request.

At Harris Bay Resort, experience an abundance of Ruffed Grouse. Travel through the backwoods of the Canadian wilderness in search of these ruffs.

Whether you like the traditional rifle hunt, or perhaps to try your hand at archery for grouse, our area will provide you with plenty of action. The high concentration of grouse make this an exceptional area for the avid small game hunter.

Combine this with exceptional fall fishing, and you have the makings of an unforgettable hunting/fishing trip!

Bring your camera - you'll want to capture all of the glorious fall colors along with your "catch of the day".